Who are we

And why are we here?

Why we are here

Changing customer pathways, the rise of new technologies and globalization are forcing companies to re-think and re-design the way of bringing new products and services to market. This major paradigm shift in go-to-markets requires a different set of tools, skills and approach to ensure commercial success.

Companies need to look at matters in different ways, from other perspectives. Differentiated Value propositions need to be based on unique and surprising combinations. These differentiating offerings need to be brought to market with a clear story and a distinctive approach to materialize on the true commercial potential.

What we do

Mark Global is a consulting firm that assists machine builders, manufacturing industries, technological and knowledge-intensive companies in their business development challenges at strategic, tactical and operational level.

Who are we

We believe a modern consulting practice is a combination of human and artificial specialists. We are a team of new trades. New age craftspeople that possess 21st century skills and experience, seamlessly combined with next practice methods, tooling and approaches. We thrive by pushing the boundaries of creativity, technological possibilities and market opportunities. A team that can see and deliver your business opportunities of tomorrow, today.

Our value is surprising value

The result for customers is the discovery of their unique path forward. Together we build vision, set strategy and take the first steps to ensure our customers can really monetise on surprising value. It’s our passion to make our customers the leaders in their business domains. Making them smarter, happy, and thrive.

This is what we love. Delivering surprising value for you, your customers and their customers.


Mark Global utilizes innovative solutions and methods to generate a structural improvement in our customers’ business. Key focus is on optimization and acceleration of our customer’s innovation capabilities, operational effectiveness and go-to-market activities.

Together with our strategic partners we truly deliver surprising value for you, your customers and their customers.

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Mark Litjens

Managing Director

Robert van der Cruysen

Managing Consultant

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