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System integration evolves rapidly – How to materialize on the rising opportunities?

The new era of technology provides a wealth of growth opportunities for System Integration companies, i.e. artificial intelligence, big data, Industry 4.0, IoT and information security. Business leaders from System Integration companies are facing major challenges. How to set up for growth? How to develop new business models? Customer pathways are changing, how to respond to that? How to package new digital services? What makes a strong future Value Proposition? What is the best go-to-market?

Go-To-Markets of the new era products and services require an integral approach and an adequate set of 21st century skills, digital capabilities, new sales and marketing tools and methods to be prepared and equipped for the journey. Our NxXT Go-to-Market approach incorporates these next practices on strategic, tactical and operational levels.

The NxXT Approach

Guiding business leaders that want to maximize commercial success with a differentiated Go-to-Market

Vision on NxXT

Build your vision on business growth and future positioning

NxXT Strategy

Define a clear strategy with NxXT practices, design new business models and Go-to-Markets

NxXT Roadmap

Define a roadmap, to prioritize and execute successfully on the Go-to-Market strategy

NxXT Execution

Deployment with Go-to-Market messaging; core story, sales playbooks, sales guidance

NxXT Guide & Change

Enablement and control to maximize the business value of your new Go-to-Market

NxXT Digital Services

Engage with our NxXT Artificial colleagues to optimize and accelerate your Go-to-Market
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