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​360° Go-to-Market Approach

An optimised route transforming Technology into Business and Opportunities into Profits

The Mark Global 360° Go-to-Market approach is especially designed to bring technology based product and service innovations successfully to market. The model is incorporating organisational change, focused on optimisation and acceleration leading to best fit Go-to-Market. 

The 360° Go-to-Market fundamentals are created around three building blocks, which are bundled to ensure a powerful market entry, from strategic to tactical to operational execution. Each of the building blocks can be adopted
successively, simultaneously or separately as the projects or needs require.

The Go-to-Market Strategy – 
​a strategic approach for an optimal Go-to-Market

The Go-to-Market Strategy incorporates the current position of resources and capabilities, envisions the ultimate business goals and provides a clear and pragmatic route of achieving these goals. 
A Mark Global 360° Go-to-Market:

  • Ensures an optimal fit between the current needs of the business model, the channels, and the customers segments.
  • Takes the right measures to improve integration across various commercial functions including marketing, sales and partners.
  • Embeds best practices to support cost reduction efforts without harming the core business.
  • Builds the best-in-class capabilities and supporting actions to execute the Go-to-Market strategy.

The Mark Global 360° Go-to-Market approach is supported by underlying intuitive tools including the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design Canvas combined with Organisational Change.

The Go-to-Market Messaging – Clear, compelling and consistent messaging throughout all communication channels.

What makes a good Value Proposition? What is a strong sales story to reach out to relevant potential buyers of your Product Market Combination? A convincing and appealing Value Proposition is a solution that addresses the highly significant pains, gain and jobs potential customers are having. What is the added value the product or service will deliver to the customer? 

A Core Story tells the story around your Value Proposition and is backed with the relevant data, such as market information, analyst data, product specifications, global industry trends and developments. This supports the marketing department in building marketing content to generate buzz and qualified sales leads. In addition it provides your sales/business development staff with the right supporting materials in each phase of the customer journey, from initial contact to the delivery of a compelling offer that stands out from the competition.

Effective Go-to-Market messaging in six steps:

The Go-to-Market Management – Building a supporting model, higher conversion rates and quality delivery in Go-to-Market

How to drive up performance of your staff? How to measure the results of a marketing campaign? How to develop an integrated marketing, sales and partnering team and get the most out of your Go-to-Market efforts?

Mark Global addresses these questions with Go-to-Market KPI dashboards and the Operational Frameworks to support your organisation in successfully execution of the Go-to-Market. These are the key enablers to understand how your team is performing, get the right reporting structure into place and maintains the momentum already build during the definition of the Go-to-Market Strategy. Go-to-Market Program Management could be offered during the operational execution of the Go-to-Market if required.

Services include:

1. Developing Key Performance Indicators based on Go-to-Market Strategy and Go-to-Market Messaging

2. Developing an Operational Framework to implement Go-to-Market Strategy and Go-to-Market Messaging
Accountabilities – Responsibilities – Supportive actions
Developing and installing reporting framework and tools

3. Detailed Business Planning
Marketing Plans/Sales Plans/Partner Plans

4. Business Support
Marketing as a Service (MaaS)
Sales as a Service (SalaaS)
Program, project and campaign management

5. Continuous Improvement consulting and training

6. Sales training (in Go-to-Market materials)

Benefits of the 360° Go-to-Market approach:

   •      Clear focus on business benefit
Structured approach
Step by step processes with clear deliverables
Focus on optimising process, teams, skills, revenue and costs
Creating a professional environment with embedded best practices 
Entrepreneurial spirit and fast response mentality
Proven approach to gain competitive advantage
Acceleration of time-to-market
Added Value in each step of the process
Successfully implemented and adopted by leading technology companies

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