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Ten steps to unlock the opportunities of Internet of Things (IoT)
  A step by step approach for optimization and acceleration of your business with IoT
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   Ten steps to unlock the opportunities of Internet of Things (IoT)
Datum geplubiceerd: 1-2-2016
A step by step approach for optimization and acceleration of your business with IoT
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   Tell me, what’s your Story?
Datum geplubiceerd: 13-04-2015
How creating a powerful core story helps to shape an organisation around their Value Proposition. Over the last years there is a substantial amount of content shared about the power of storytelling. To be very short about it (probably too short), five benefits of packaging your presentation in a core story format are:
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   The Art of an Irresistible Value Proposition
Datum geplubiceerd: 11-12-2014
Being pragmatic by translating best practices and key insights into my day-to-day consulting is something I’m continuously pursuing. Keeping up with relevant business literature is key in developing a clear vision of what is needed in a particular assignment. Once in a while, a striking relation between concepts occurs, that is worth noticing.
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   What’s keeping SME’s from approaching online strategically?
Datum geplubiceerd: 11-11-2014
Should every business have an online presence? This is a rhetorical question to us all. When the question is being asked; how should your business be online? Then many business owners..
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   The New Weapon of Choice for a One Man Army
Datum geplubiceerd: 16-10-2014
Philip Evans, managing director of the Boston Consulting Group, couldn’t have stated it any clearer in his TED talk. Data will transform the way we conduct business.
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   4 Forces to Incorporate into your Business Model
Datum geplubiceerd: 18-09-2014
A way to get started with implementing the technological revolution in your day-to-day business. Maybe you’ll recognise this….. Once every half-year (or sometimes every quarter) a strategic meeting or day is planned and management is asked to take a step back and try to strategically set the corporation up for success in the near future.
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   Sales v.s Marketing. How to fight the battle?
Datum geplubiceerd: 04-09-2014
Let’s kick off with some serious right and left hooks: “I need more and qualified leads, marketing is not providing me any”, “Sales is not telling us what they need”, “Marketing is not giving us not the right tools to work with in the sales process”, “We provide sales with plenty of leads, which they are not able to follow up, why bother to generate more?”
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   Why creating Customer Value is a changing game..
Datum geplubiceerd: 28-08-2014
Is predictive intelligence forcing us to create a future enabled value proposition? One of the early philosophers of business consulting Peter Drucker once made a very compelling statement about the essential elements of every business.
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